Greetings Buskers! 

Bumbershoot 2016 is happily showcasing buskers at this year’s Bumbershoot festival. Buskers have long been a big part of the Bumbershoot experience ---- and this year we are celebrating busking in style! 

Bumbershoot crew and Seattle Jim Page are working together to revive the Bumbershoot busker scene. We have identified primo busking pitches on the Seattle Center Bumbershoot grounds. We are looking for the cream of the crop to surprise and delight. The opportunity to apply is open to all, however a limited number of buskers will be invited to participate.

Please got to "OPPORTUNITIES" to find out more and to download an application!

February/March, 2015 - Busking Events at the Pike Place Market! 


Seattle Celebrates Busking! is wrapping up our City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods matching Grant with a final series of events in February and March! At the close of our Grant we will have presented over 120 free, unique public events throughout the Seattle’s downtown corridor. We have also employed and payed equitably for the services of over 100 diverse and unique “busking” artists of all ages.

We worked hard to maintain a community based, volunteer driven, non-corporate model with the mission to truly promote indy busking and public arts in public spaces. Our budget reflected sound and fair distribution of public funding with over 70% going towards direct program costs including artists fees, sound support etc.

Through much of the work the MAY Foundation has been our pass thru, fiscal sponsor….Thank you so much to the MAY Foundation.

We are really happy to announce that our new fiscal sponsor is the Pike Place Market Foundation, a fitting supporter in light of the fact that Pike Place Market is the recognized haven for busking in Seattle.

Please try to attend one of the upcoming public gigs………IN PARTICULAR WE INVITE ALL SUPPORTERS, BUSKERS AND VOLUNTEERS….to Save the Date of Friday, March 27th —— 6-8pm to attend a Community Gathering at the Pike Place Market….Market Atrium. We will have food, information and will be asking for ideas, volunteers and supporters for Busker Fest at Pike Market 2015!


Wednesday, Sept 10th, 2014


Good god, it’s almost here. This has been the longest, most detailed two months of my life! We started in mid July, not enough time for anything to happen, but it did and it will. Actually it started months earlier when Katy wrote the grant application and sent it off like a bird in the blinded night, but we couldn’t do anything until and if we knew we had it. We got the news during the Country Fair and all hell started to get restless. And now, almost at death’s door with nerve shatters and eyestrain, and yet elated with the beauty of it all - now it’s only three days away.  Good god!

SO.....   Volunteers! I know you’re out there - step right up. Want to be a part of history? Want to help make the People’s Accessible Culture Movement a reality?  Now’s the time, like no other time.


Either contact us through Shiftboard volunteer applications (https://www.shiftboard.com/seattlebuskerweek/registration_form_1.html), or email one of the many fine people doing this,OR just show up on Sunday morning, 8 AM, down at the Pike Street Market. Start looking around. Don’t be in a hurry, this is all volunteer community stuff and it moves at it’s own pace. Somewhere along that stretch of burgundy brickworks (thank you Nathan Wolfe for that image) there will be a volunteer check in table and a friendly person who will help you and who will introduce you to the wild ways of our world. And your life will change.

Do it. Don’t let yourself down.  


Thursday, Sept 4th, 2014


Just a little more than a week away. High gear from here on out. Pieces are in place and the machine takes shape.

NOTE:  Monday, Sept 8, Jim Page will accept a 40 year anniversary proclamation from the full City Council at 2 PM in the City Hall. He may sing a song. All are welcome.  

PLUS:  There will be a hangout/schmooze session that same day from 5 to 7 at the Microsoft Auditorium in the Central library, 5th and Madison. There may be members of the press and there may not. But there will be some music, and we WILL be discussing volunteer assignments.  

So put this on your calendar. Be a part of it, don’t just watch.

PS  Posters and handbills are available at Wanderers Mail Service down in the Market. Just go in and ask. There is still a LOT of ground to cover. A lot of cafes with empty walls, bulletin boards and telephone poles. Where you live is where they need to be.  


Wednesday, August 20th. 2014

The Seattle Busker Week poster is out the door to the Printer. (yes, you will see it today!)

AS OF 10 MINUTES AGO...we have finalized our fabulous line-up of Sponsors. Trust me ---- we have been busking for Sponsors for last 3 months......so this is a big moment!

The Press Release is trying to be finalized..but sooo much to say in so little space. We will honor these wonderful community supporters from start to finish.

Thanks so much to:

The City of Seattle-Department of Neighborhoods-Neighborhood Matching Fund
The Pike Place Market
KBCS 91.3 FM Bellevue-Seattle
The Seattle Weekly
The Seattle Public Library 
Benaroya Hall Boeing Company Gallery 
Experience Music Project 
Columbia Tower-Atrium
Endless Knot Designs
Hard Rock Cafe
Guitar Center 
Pear Delicatessen at Pike Market
MAY Foundation 
The Seattle City Council

.......and the Buskers and Volunteers who have thrown their hat in the ring!