The origins of busking at the Pike street Market, or in Seattle as a whole are shrouded in mystery. It is said that Woody Guthrie sang here somewhere along 3rd Avenue and Pike Street, not far from the Market, and it was here that Woody first heard the word “hootenanny.”  Certainly there is some greatness in these streets. More will be know as we dig and uncover, and as people come forward with old scrapbooks and memorabilia. Busking has always been daring and spontaneous endeavor, leaving few if any tracks behind its many participants. Here’s some of the modern highlights.


1974 – Busking legalized by vote of the City Council 103824, Date passed by Full Council: September 16, 1974; Date of Mayor's signature: September 20, 1974


2001 – Pike Place Market Buskers’ Guild formed


2001 – First Pike Place Market Buskers’ Festival is a big success!


2005 - Pike Place Market Buskers' Festival collects money for the busker victims of Hurricane Katrina.  


2011 – Last Festival for a while...


2014 – Resurrection of the Pike Place Market Buskers’ Festival, plus Buskers Week!!


Arthur Goodwin, owner of the Pike Place Market from 1926 to 1941. The beginning of a tradition.