Our Story

The Busker Week Celebration and Festival is a labor of love for the historical and contemporary vibrancy of one of the most important Free Speech avenues available to our humanity - the streets. Whose streets? Our streets! For centuries people have picked up whatever theatrical or musical tool was available and gone to the streets and the parks to spread the news and address the issues of the day. Empires have fallen and risen in the hands of these public artists. No matter how fast the computers, how ubiquitous the data gathering, how thorough the digital communications there is no substitute for the hands of the commons.

We tip or hats to the troubadours and the clowns, to the wise comics and the sleight of hands, to the mimes and the poets, to all those who brave the slings and arrows to bring life to the lifeless and to bend the straight lines of the paradigm confines. 

Hi ho! A-busking we will go!